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Jonathan Squires was in love with Jane and the wedding was a few days away, but when he went to the Railway station to meet Jane’s younger sister, Mavis, who had arrived for the wedding he was so hypnotized by her beauty, he began thinking he was about to marry the wrong sister.
THE NIGHT HAWKER is an Erotic fiction that will overheat your emotions and stir desires you thought were dead.










PROSTATE CANCER PICKED ON THE WRONG GUY is the story of my recent battle with that parasite. Dealing with the diagnosis, the treatment of radiation therapy and its side effects. At one point  I could almost see the side effects lining up outside the Pharmacy, as they anxiously waited on me to come out with another prescription so they could batter the hell out of me and they did.
I did not sit around asking why me, and what have I done to deserve  this? I happen to be at that vulnerable age. If you are middle age or older Prostate cancer is more likely to come knocking on your door and you better not be out. I mean out of your mind with such fear and anxiety that you are resigned to what you mistakenly believe is your fate and that your time has come.  Your time has indeed arrived. The time to fight for your life and it could be the biggest fight you’ll ever have, don’t lose it.

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MARGARET……..Is blonde and beautiful and the envy of other women, but the promise of her body is driving men crazy and they do strange things to posses her.

Their quarry had been chosen and like hungry predators they stalked her.  Two men from vastly different cultures, one black, the other whiter in his own mind than driven snow. Each would sooner have shot himself than admit they had something in common. Yet unknown to each other, here they were lurking within spitting distance with the same putrid intention to possess Margaret’s body by any means.

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MY FATHER’S WOMAN is a story about a son’s sexual fixation with his white Step-mother after his father deserts his mother and moves in with her.

Leeroy heard the familiar rattle of the mailbox and sprang out of bed and gently pulled the curtains open. She wasn’t the prettiest woman he’d seen, Erica was more beautiful but she was out of his life and could not be reached. This unnamed woman is right here and had it in places Erica didn’t quite measure up. The kind of body that constantly drove his heart rate into the danger Zone, and he thrived on it, living each miserable day for his early morning fix of this delightful woman. Perhaps it was her tight Jeans and the way she walked with those long, almost thoughtful, deliberate, sensual strides?  None of those short, brisk, hurried, and unruly steps of certain women.  
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